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¿Quién Quiere Ser Biblionario?


Show how much you know about the bible in this 50x15 game




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Play the Bible version of the most famous game in the history of television and put your knowledge of the Holy Scriptures to the test with questions that not just anyone can answer.

¿Quién Quiere Ser Biblionario? is made up of 15 questions, four possible answers, and one correct solution that will turn you into a champion in a competition that will show your in-depth knowledge of the Bible.

You'll have the well-known 'lifelines' of 50:50, which you can use to get rid of two incorrect answers; the 'ask the audience' lifeline that you can use to ask everyone watching to choose what they think is the correct answer; and the Bible lifeline, which you can use to look up the answer directly in the sacred text.

You can't make any mistakes if you want to make it to the end of the game, which is why you'll have to correctly use the lifelines and know how to find the correct answer before the time is up.

Demonstrate your knowledge and become a Biblionario with this entertaining game.
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